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The Battle Isles is the home of the Zaishen Order, and a sacred place for those who practice the art of war.

All "high level" PvP arenas for the Prophecies Campaign (Chapter One), Factions Campaign (Chapter Two), and Nightfall Campaign (Chapter three) are concentrated on the Battle Isles. This is the place where players from all three chapters can meet, team up and compete against each other.

This is what Acolyte Haitan explains about the Battle Isles:

"We the Zaishen Order serve as protectors of the Battle Isles, where stands the Great Temple of our lord Balthazar. The Isles are home to countless arenas in which we train with those deemed worthy of the honor.
Now that the ancient Tomb of the Primeval Kings is under assault, our lord commander General Yurukaro has ordered the arenas of the Zaishen opened to the people of Tyria. We have our own gateway into the Hall of Heroes, one that is, so far, safe from the taint of evil that enshrouds the Tombs. We of the Zaishen Order will also offer new combatants personal training on the way to the gladitorial hero."

Note: For Guild Wars Prophecies players, the "low level" Ascalon Arena and Shiverpeak Arena remained open when the Battle Isles became accessible, but the Competition Arena (at Lion's Arch), the Team Arena (at Droknar's Forge) and the Tomb of the Primeval Kings arena were closed down.

Getting there

PvP characters spawn directly into the Great Temple of Balthazar, the only town in the Battle Isles, upon their creation.

Roleplaying characters must map travel to the Battle Isles by clicking on the ship symbol on the World Map near Lion's Arch (Tyria), Kaineng Center (Cantha), or Kamadan, Jewel of Istan (Elona). The character must have reached any of these locations for the ship icon to become available.

As an alternative method, members of a guild with a Guild Hall may travel to the Isles with the button in the Guild window. This however only works after having ship travelled there at least once.


Note: Some of these locations must be "unlocked" in a fixed sequence to gain access to them. See the description of the respective location for details.

GuildHallIcon smlGuild Hall (Now showing the exact name of your Guild Hall)
CityIcon smlGreat Temple of Balthazar
Isle of the Nameless
Training Arena (Complete all training sessions to unlock the Zaishen Challenge)
ChallengeIcon smlZaishen Challenge (Win vs. five different computer AI teams to unlock the Zaishen Elite)
ChallengeIcon smlZaishen Elite
ArenaIcon smlRandom Arenas (Win five-in-a-row to unlock the Team Arenas)
ArenaIcon smlTeam Arenas (Win a total of five matches in the Team Arenas to unlock Heroes' Ascent)
ArenaIcon smlHeroes' Ascent (→ Hall of Heroes)
ArenaIcon smlHero Battle (To access Hero Battles you must unlock at least three Heroes onto your account. You must have Nightfall or Eye of the North to have the ability to unlock this arena.)